EODSA Referee

1. Explain why the goal near the end was disallowed.

The goal was disallowed for offside. We know this because at 1:57 in the video the AR is shown giving the signal for offside at the centre of the field. But who was the offside player?

If you stop the video at 1:50 you can see #24 is about to shoot. We don’t get a great view of the offside line on this video but assume that the AR got it right and that the goal scorer was standing in an offside position by not having 2 defenders between himself and the goal line.

Law 11 states that it is not an offence to be standing in an offside position, so why was the goal disallowed?

If the original shot from #24 had gone into the net, then the goal would have stood as the player in the offside position was not interfering with play.

However, when the save from the goalkeeper comes to the goal scorer then an offside offence has now been triggered. This is explained in law 11.2 part of which states.

A player in an offside position at the moment the ball is played by a team-mate is only penalized on becoming involved in active play by gaining an advantage by playing the ball when it has been deliberately saved by an opponent.

2. Was the red card the correct decision?

Start the video at 1:45 to see this incident.

Notice that despite the referee being in an excellent position he didn’t see the incident. He made the error of following the ball rather than watching the incident develop. Sometimes it makes sense to momentarily stop following the ball so you can see and manage the off the ball incident that is developing.

So we will assume that his AR had a good view of the incident and informed the referee of what occurred. In this case #18 orange struck his opponent on the back of the head. This is covered in Law 12 which states the following.

A player who, when not challenging for the ball, deliberately strikes an opponent or any other person on the head or face with the hand or arm, is guilty of violent conduct unless the force used was negligible.

So in this case the red card was the correct decision and #18 was correctly dismissed for violent conduct.

3. Should there have been a penalty at 1:40?

Absolutely this should have been a penalty.

The blue defender is clearly holding the white attacker and preventing him from playing the ball. Law 12 lists all the offense for a direct free kick and holding an opponent is one of them.

4. For the penalty should the goalkeeper be shown a card? If yes which colour?

First stop the video at 0.17. Here you can see that white #9 is onside when the pass is made and he beats the offside trap.

Now proceed to the challenge from the goalkeeper. He makes a genuine attempt to play the ball but he trips the attacker and denies him an obvious goal-scoring opportunity, so it’s a foul and a penalty kick.

Now you have to decide if there is a discipline sanction against the goalkeeper.

The correct answer is a yellow card. This is what law 12 states for a yellow card and a clear goal scoring opportunity.

Caution when the player denies an opponent an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by an offence which was an attempt to play the ball and the referee awards a penalt

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